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Koru pounamu - Raukaraka

Koru pounamu - Raukaraka

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The Koru (Spiral) symbolizes eternal motion and the cyclical nature of returning to one's roots. Its significance lies in its ability to remind us of life, development, and fresh starts..

- Raukaraka is a type of stone derived from kawakawa pounamu. It is known for its orange hue, reminiscent of the karaka tree's leaf, due to the oxidized crust's mineral content. The flesh of this type of pounamu typically boasts shades of olive or light green. While early lapidarists would have discarded the thick crust and only utilized the heart for jewelry making, modern carvers tend to work with the entire stone in order to showcase the unique color contrast.

  • Measuring approximately: 60cm W x 60cm L
  • Supplied on plaited brown wax cord  
  • Handmade in Kirikiriroa NZ
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