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Pounamu Pikorua - Putiputi Pounamu

Pounamu Pikorua - Putiputi Pounamu

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Putiputi Pounamu also known as flower jade comes from the Marsden Valley in Te Tai Poutini. It is all commonly known as Marsden Flower Jade. Distinct to Aotearoa it is one of the rarest Nephrites (NZ Jades) and is therefore highly sought after. 

The Pikorua represents an eternal bond between people and cultures. The twist incorporates no beginning or end, which refers to the natural ebbs and flows of life, including the crossing of life paths between the two individuals. It is a powerful symbol for loyalty, friendship and love, signifying the strength and beauty of enduring friendships. The design resembles two new Pikopiko fern fronds that are intertwined and found in NZ native forests. 

Supplied on brown plaited cord

size: 85mm x 50mm 

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