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Bone - Manaia Porotiti

Bone - Manaia Porotiti

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Size (mm): 80 H x 35 W. 

The Porotiti is a disc with a cord looping through two holes. It is played by looping the cord around the hands then twirling it a little to start it spinning. By applying alternate pressure then relaxing the cord each time the disc untwines, a soft humming sound is created. Then by carefully blowing gently on its vanes, it starts to sing and create its own songs. It is considered to be a healing disc, played above sleeping babies to break up mucus in blocked noses and ears.

If you look closely you can see the head of two Manai, known to be kaitiaki/guadians. traditionally carved with the head of a bird, a body of a man and a tail of a fish. Re presenting the sky, earth and sea. 

the carving is double sided so that it increases the volume of the sound. Can be worn around your neck as a pendant. Each piece is individually carved so slight variations can occur.


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