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Hawaiki Hoops - Silver

Hawaiki Hoops - Silver

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Tūrou parea, Tūrou Hawaiki.

May the ancient homeland of Hawaiki glisten on in mind's eye forever

Hawaiki is the origin place of the Māori people. This design features the blend of Māori and Pasifika motifs, symbolising the evolutionary changes of our people over thousands of years. The diaspora of migration from the Pacific to Aotearoa also stretches to generations of our people now settled in Australia and beyond. Just as our ancestors did, the people of the Pacific continue to adapt, change and grow throughout time and place.

Available in 18K Gold or Rhodium Silver Plated Stainless Steel Engraved 20mm Rectangle Pendants on 20mm Hoops. 


Artwork by Tuku Rangitaawa


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