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Kaitiaki Ring - Gold

Kaitiaki Ring - Gold

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Kaitiakitanga is the cultural concept of guardianship. This is a piece to wear with purpose and intention, as a reminder of our role as kaitiaki to our whānau, iwi, hapū, hāpori and taiao. 

How can we be responsible kaitiaki? Here's a few ideas!

  • Grab a tea towel when you’re at the marae, the aunty's house, your mum's house
  • Give back to your community
  • Take your shoes off before you enter the marae or someone's whare
  • Share that kaupapa Māori post to raise awareness
  • Put your gumboots on and go to the hikoi
  • Throw your first catch back to Tangaroa
  • Reduce, reuse, recycle


Kupu hou:

whānau = family

iwi = tribe

hapū = sub tribe

hāpori = community

taiao = environment

whare = house


What's my ring size?

The most common ring sizes for women are #7 (17.3mm) and  #8 (18.2mm). The most common ring sizes for men are #9 (19mm), #10 (19.8mm) and #11 (20.6mm) The easiest way to choose your size is to measure the width/diameter of an existing ring or tie a piece of string around your finger comfortably and measure the width/diameter across to find your most comfortable ring size. 


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