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Matau Earrings - Rose Gold

Matau Earrings - Rose Gold

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The Matau is a unique interpretation of Maui’s matau (hook). Maui features in many pūrākau throughout Polynesian narratives. Maui is responsible for using his matau to fish up many islands, including Aotearoa, Tonga and Mangaia in Rarotonga. 

Maui’s hook is said to have been the jaw bone of his grandmother. Some say that the hook, or jaw bone represents the tohutohu (instructions) on how to navigate the ocean to find these islands. This is an example of how pūrākau (ancient legends, stories) have been used as a practical tool to help pass down ancient knowledge, values and traditions for thousands of years.

Kupu hou:

matau = hook

tohutohu = instructions

pūrākau = ancient legends, story

Artwork by Tuku Rangitaawa


Available in 18K Gold, Rhodium Silver or Rose Gold Plated Stainless Steel Engraved 25mm pendants. 


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