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Puti Earrings - Rose Gold

Puti Earrings - Rose Gold

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The Frangipani putiputi (flower) can symbolise fertility, strength, growth, and love. Also known as the Tipani, this beautiful flower is found throughout the Pacific. Although its origins are said to be from the tropical South America, they can also be found across South-East Asia. The whakapapa (origins) of the flower demonstrate how groups of people have migrated and settled across the Pacific for many generations.

The swirling designs around the putiputi (flower) represent the environment and navigation culture of Te Moana-nui-a-Kiwa (the Pacific Ocean); the manu (birds), whetu (stars), ika (fish), waka (boat) and the kāpehu whetū (the star compass).

Available in 18K Gold or Rhodium Silver Plated Stainless Steel Engraved. These are a large size 50mm hanging pendant.

Kupu hou:

putiputi = flower

whakapapa = origins

Te Moana-nui-a-Kiwa = Pacific Ocean

manu = bird

whetu = star

ika = fish

waka = boat

kāpehu whetū (star compass)

Artwork by Tuku Rangitaawa


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